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The love of nature and the passion for the world of hairstyling met in 1990, giving life to Emmebi Italia.

Since then, our Bergamo roots have strengthened, inspiring our growth as we were searching for new raw materials and precious active ingredients.

Our continuous collaboration with experts in the fashion and beauty industry has enabled us to create unique formulas dedicated to professional hairstylists when expect the best and appreciate innovation.

Emmebi Italia is positioned in a distinct international market, aware of its identity and ethics, attentive to nature, sustainability and wellness. At our core values, we find the genuine, hard-working and creative Italian tradition, as well as the awareness to be part of nature, getting from it the energy all we need to live well with ourselves and others in a simple, unique and transparent way.


Choosing simplicity is the greatest tribute to beauty. It is from the simplicity of nature that Emmebi Italia draws inspiration to create and deliver a wide-ranging line of hair care products to all professionals. Thanks to the meticulous work of hairstylists, people will feel good, improve their appearance and get more out of life.

Nature showcases both its breathtaking beauty and its imperfections. Our task is to bring out the natural charm of people with specific products “Inspired by nature”.

The allure of natural elements in our visual communication and in the environment in which we operate, in addition to our use of exclusive ingredients in the development of our products, brings us to our innermost essence, guiding us towards diversification.

We only focus on a few projects, so that we can give to professionals the best and remain faithful to our idea of simplicity. We also believe in all that leads us to innovation through the authentic encounters with people we meet on our journey because, like nature, we know we can evolve infinitely.



Our dream is to create products that are capable of immediately conveying to all a sense of belonging to a common philosophy: by getting in touch with nature and expressing love towards to it, (we are lead people towards values that extend beyond the ethical dimension).

“Inspired by nature” strives to be the essence of wellness and doing our best by tuning into the natural energy of things and treating them with respect.

Distinguishing ourselves in this way, will be our greatest achievement.

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